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The Objective

To establish Phase II of the template for a replicable International Natural Healing Centres, in the Yucatan region in Mexico on 100 year-old untouched Mayan land between Merida and Cancun, that has been gifted to the project. This land is also an ongoing permaculture farm that is being developed currently. The Natural Healing Centre (Hospital) will be designed and built using sacred geometry to maximize the energetics of the buildings and thus amplify the facilities’ healing abilities as is well established by Russian and others research. This project will establish a unified philosophy and a new paradigm in healing.

At the physical level it will clearly show that We’re Not Sick, We’re Tox-Sick, in accordance with Plato’s understandings that,“ we have made of ourselves living cesspools, and driven Doctors to invent names for our Dis-Eases”. This helps people to see their connection with the environment we have all helped create on this planet – i.e., a very polluted, toxic earth and seas – as well as the toxic lifestyles we have been educated to accept as “normal” and “advancement’, when nothing could be further from the truth.

Apparent physical reality is, in fact, just energy vibrating at different frequencies. This helps to clarify that dis-ease is a frequency (a very dense and low one at that) as is true health (a high, light and vibrant one). The solutions to man’s problems are in essence, very simple. The easy access to knowledge (and the more complex detail if so required) will enable our fellow man (in most cases) to heal themselves without the need of the physical clinic. This healing will occur at the deepest levels and bring ever greater harmony to their water (their liquid crystal hard-drive) where all vibration/frequency/messages are held. This is the key to not only physical manifestation on this planet, but to peace, happiness and abundance for ALL. The Healing Centres

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We are so proud to introduce you to Naturally Better Healing Centres. This Project has now reached it’s time and that is apparent for several reasons: the land has been gifted, the need has arisen for the core Naturally Better Team to now be based in the Yucatan where the Headquarters can be established for the main Phase IV project to be run. IT IS TIME!


Phase One is Complete. Phase Two is now LAUNCHED! The documentation is ready, the team is ready, the land has been gifted. See the detailed Project Plan, the reason for the location, the Core Team's Roles and more!


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